Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Twitter Statistics of Sri Lanka

There are only few Social Media Networks which are quite popular among internet users in Sri Lanka. Obviously Facebook is the most popular social network among Sri Lankans. WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram are few other Social Media Networks quite popular among the youth.

Twitter, the micro blogging social network which uses only 140 characters to send a message has been picking up in the country since 2010. But the growth of this network is very slow compared to Facebook. May be due to the reason of users are not being much familiar with the concept of summarizing thoughts into a shorter form of words. However number of politicians, celebrities and journalists have their own twitter accounts and there are considerable amount of active twitter users in Sri Lanka now.

There was no any statistics of twitter users in Sri Lanka for all these years and people referred different numbers to depict the size. Recently Twitter advertising platform was rolled out to all the countries in the world and this platform gives some statistics of twitter users in Sri Lanka.

According to the Twitter advertising platform, there are about 103,000 male users and 16,000 female users in Sri Lanka, accumulating 119,000 Twitter users altogether as at December 2015.

Out of that 119,000 twitter users, 15000 people use more than two devices to surf Twitter and below is a breakdown of Twitter users by the devices that they use to surf Twitter.

Source: ads.twitter.com

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